Wangan Island Green Turtle Conservation Center

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  • Phone:+886 6 999 1368
  • Address:No.1-4, Wang’an, Dong’an Vil., Wang’an Township, Penghu County 88241, Taiwan View on Map
Wangan possesses beautiful white sands, and is a precious area for the conservation of green turtles. Due to over-hunting of green turtles in the past, their numbers are now becoming increasingly scarce. The government has set up a green turtle conservation center, where visitors can be educated on green turtle ecology and conservation on one hand, all while conducting conservation studies on the other. Therefore, this small island has become internationally known. Even Discovery has reported on this area. The building is even shaped like a giant sea turtle, as soon as you enter you'll come into a cool and refreshing exhibition area. Aside from models introducting the ecology of green turtles, there are even live turtles for you to watch. It's a place that's quite suitable for children. In Wangan, many beautiful sandy beaches are off-limits during the nighttime, because green turtles will lay their eggs in the sand at night. When the tiny baby turtles hatch, they will automatically head towards the sea. As they are very vulnerable and weak, this stretch of road is a matter of life or death to them. Some light sources can disorient them and cause them to head in the wrong direction, right into the mouths of predators. Although Wangan at night may be beautiful, travelers should take care not to disturb the turtles! 


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