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  • Address:Zhongyang St., Magong City, Penghu County 880, Taiwan View on Map
The history of Han Chinese in Penghu is even earlier than that of Taiwan. Ever since the Yuan Dynasty, Han Chinese have been living in Taiwan, which is at least a few hundred years earlier than what history books have recorded. Since the Ming and Qing Dynasties, Magong's Zhongyang Street has undergone constant development, becoming just as lively as any other old street in Taiwan. In the past, many shops stood in great number here. This was the place to purchase the necessities of life. Whether it be rice stores, salt stores, iron forges, pharmacies, or more, they could all be found here. Zhongyang Street now has become a nostalgic new shopping street. One of the most interesting buildings is the Zhongyang Hotel, built during the Japanese occupation era, which has been refurbished and reopened for business. It's the first hotel in Magong to feature flushing toilets, and many people choose to spend the night here. You can only imagine how bustling it was like back then. There's several places on Zhongyang Street worth savoring, such as a unique four-holed well built due to safety concerns, or a baroque-styled building built during the Japanese occupation era that has now become the Xihe Printing Shop and a small scale museum. Walking on Zhongyang street, you can take in the vibe of times gone by. 


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