Gupo Island

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  • Phone:+886 6 921 6521
  • Address:Baisha Township, Penghu County 884, Taiwan View on Map
It is said that a ship carrying Chinese opera actors and actresses overturned at sea near an unmanned island, killing all aboard. Later when a fishing boat was heading towards the vicinity of that island to fish, the miserable cries of a woman were heard. The older generations called these deceased girls and young women "gupo", and the unammed island was given the name of "Gupo Island". Despite this mysterious tale, this small uninhabited island is even more well known for its natural fish farm and seaweed. In particular, the blowing waves of the northeastern winter monsoons promote the growth of wild seaweed. The residents of Chihkan will head towards the northern side of Gupo Island and harvest a type of seaweed known as "black gold". It's always very lively and bustling. Aside from this, since Gupo Island is uninhabited, the isle's firewheel chrysanthemums are wild and unbridled during the summer, and it's very beautiful. Since boats don't normally head towards Gupo Island (with the exception fo the winter seaweed harvests), or charters, if you want to explore this mysterious island, you'll need to familiarize yourself with transportation and traffic conditions ahead of time! 


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