Chima Beach

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  • Address:Chima Village, Xiyu Township, Penghu County 881, Taiwan View on Map
During Penghu's tourism season, tourists can be found everywhere. When you don't know where to head to next to escape the crowds, there is a hidden beach that not many people know about. Enter from the small road opposite of Chi Fan Tao Hall, and walk to the end to reach Chima Beach. The beach is located next to a small port, but because it is not officially utilized by the port, there's only one or two boats docked here. The environment here is quiet. The sands are fine and delicate, and they extend out into the blue sea. When the tide ebbs, it will reveal a large white sand hinterland, suitable for playing in the water. If you don't want to be exposed to the intense sunlight, there's shaded chairs located by the port. In addition, this place is ideal for viewing the sunset. In the evening, twilight will reflect on the ocean surface, and the atmosphere remains quiet and undisturbed. Couples will come here to walk hand-in-hand. The beautiful scenery here was also used in writer Chiung Yao's romantic drama "Seagulls Flying in the Clouds" as a filming site. Because this beach is located in the quiet Chima Village, remember not to cause a disruptance when passing by residences! 


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