Daguoye Basalt Pillar

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  • Phone:+886 6 921 6445
  • Address:Erkan, Xiyu Township, Penghu County 881, Taiwan View on Map
Basalt pillars are formed due to volcanic lava cooled by seawater. After the hot meets cold, it forms into an unique lump. On volcanic-formed islands in Penghu, basalt can be seen everywhere. Even on other islands, there are still many unique basalt formations, the most famous of which is located on Tongpan Island. Many people do not know that there is no need to take a boat. There is an international-grade basalt pillar located on the middle section of the highway, approaching Daguoye Port in Xiyu Township. It's stands out from the rest of the commonly seen black basalt in Penghu due to difference in soil quality and late extraction time.  Daguoye's basalt pillar is slightly yellow in color and reaches 8 meters in height, and 100 meters in length. It's an impressive sight at first glance. Since it is located on the roadside, it is easy to get closer and see nature at work. The depression in front of the basalt pillar collects water after rainfall, and many people will visit here after rain to take photographs of the pillar's reflection. After raining, Penghu's skies are extremely blue. The blue sky, paired with the water's reflection, and the green grass are all beautiful beyond belief, like a dream. 


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