Shanshui Beach

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  • Phone:+886 6 921 6445
  • Address:Magong City, Penghu County 880, Taiwan View on Map
The Shanshui community was originally called "Zhumu Luoshui", meaning "mother pig falling into the water". This is because when the community was developing early on, many farmers raised pigs on the highlands west of the beach. According to legend, a large octopus came onto land and tried to grab some piglets into the water. As the piglets started to squeal, the mother pig rushed out and started quarreling with the octopus. Although the piglets were saved, the mother pig herself and the octopus fell into the sea. As a way to remind those who raise pigs to be wary of octopus, the place was named "Zhumu Luoshui". Of course the name wasn't pleasant sounding at all, so later on, the character for mountain (shan), along with water (shui) due to the beautiful beach and seas, were used in conjunction to form "Shanshui." Originally, Shanshui Beach was the local Penghu peoples' private attraction. It boasts white sands, greenish-blue vines, and golden sunlight reflecting off the azure waters. Everything looks especially clean and neat. This place is also a good location for viewing the moon or sunrise. Sit on the beach and wait, and regardless of whether its the yolk-like gold sun, or the bright moon, it's all a romantic sight when viewed. It's suitable for both couples and friends alike! 


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