Xiyu Xitai Fort

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  • Phone:+886 6 921 6445
  • Address:No.278, Wai’an, Xiyu Township, Penghu County 88143, Taiwan View on Map
Xitai Fort is the most representative sightseeing spot in Penghu. It's the largest fort built by the Qing Dynasty for defensive purposes, and it's also the most well-intact fort in Penghu. Nowadays, it's listed as a national, first-class monument. One of the fort's main highlights is the rock inscription of "Xiyu Xitai", located at the front door. Proclaimed by Li Hongzhang, it indicates the fort's historical signifigance. Although the fort's outer appearance is motley, there's a tunnel built underneath in the shape of the Chinese character for mountain (山), which was once the base of operations for the Qing Dynasty navy, and accommodated nearly 5000 men. The tunnel connects from all directions, making it easier and more convenient for the men to communicate with each other. The fort is surrounded on three directions by cliffs, making it guarded and difficult to attack. The ventilation and lighting within are also very good. This grand military base outlooks a beautiful landscape, and is a rare relic. The fort is also a good summer hideaway for many tourists. As a famous tourist spot, when you enter you won't see a single person. But it is once you enter the interior of the castle, that you'll find everyone gathered there. 


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