Fenggui Cave

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  • Address:Fenggui Li, Magong City, Penghu County 880, Taiwan View on Map
Penghu's basalt is quite beautiful and magnificent. The basalt located in the coastal area of the Penghu Peninsula have endured constant erosion from waves, forming long and narrow sea ditches in the process. At the bottom of the ditch is a cave. Whenever the large waves caused by wind flood into the sea cave, air is squeezed to the small hole on top. You'll then hear a whistling noise coming from the cave, similar to the bellows used by ancient peoples to make fire. During the northeastern monsoon season, when the wind direction is just right and the seawater begins to rise, you can even catch the spectacle of jets of water bursting through the cracks and spraying everywhere! However, don't go into the sea cave due to curiosity, because when the large waves come, they may even carry with them sharp small stones and you may get injured. Located nearby is a giant UFO pavilion, which provides a relaxing view of the sea as well as a place to rest. Hou Hsiao-Hsien, a Taiwanese director, once filmed "The Boys from Fengkuei" using Penghu as a backdrop. Therefore Fenggui has become a well-known and famous landmark. If you haven't been to Fenggui before, then you might as well have never visited Penghu! 


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