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Betle nut is a culture special to Taiwan, so people are always chewing betel nuts all around Taiwan. Don't be shocked and think someone is hacking up blood:  it's just the natural red liquid from chewing the betel nuts. If interested, go and purchase a bag from a betel nut stand, it's can supposedly be like a jolt of energy and warm up your body. Betel nut in Taiwan is a traditional custom and also a way of life. The betel nut we are referring to is actually the seed of the betel nut tree. It's usually rolled up between ash and leaves to be chewed, similar to gum. The taste is slightly sweet and jas bit of a rough texture. Blood-red liquid is produced when it is chewed, but do not swallow it. It must be spat out. The betel nut girls is a job like none others. The betel stands in the early days only put up a sign; a whole street would be littered with the colors of different signs. How does one distinguish himself from the competitors surrounding him? First, eye-catching neon lights were put around the signs, and then attractive young ladies were hired to sell the betel nuts. Each stand had their air to them, the betel nut girls were in scantily clad, not only that, some even will take on a role during their shift like an actress. You may chat with these ladies when you purchase betel nuts, but remember to keep your hands to yourself!


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Nat'l Hwy 7→Exit at the Luzhu/Nankan Interchange