Erkan Communtiy

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  • Phone:+886 6 998 2776
  • Address:Erkan, Xiyu Township, Penghu County 881, Taiwan View on Map
The development of the Erkan community has been quite successful. After the population shifted and left Erkan, the tourists outnumber the residents nowadays. Visitors are greeted with the sight of lively and leisurely decorations when they visit Erkan. They can also eat dinstinctive local foods and drinks, such as the peanut rice cake and pumpkin rice cake here. Both are foods that were used as sacrifices to the gods for centuries, and are both thick and sweet. Erkan's founder was Chen Tingyi, who was fleeing from Shaolin monks. Since there was little contact with the outside world, Erkan developed into a single family name settlement. The entire community is surnamed Chen. There's a strong vibe of story-telling in the community. With the Restoration Society in Erkan now, 26 Minnan-style buildings have been preserved, and they are decorated by the community elders, who possess a keen sense of art. You can also see some people drying traditional fragrances, which are chrysanthemum, mugwort, and hibiscus. They are then handmade into sweet-smelling incense afterwards. There's also public bathrooms located in the village alleys. Above the doorway, the name of whoever was responsible for cleaning and maintenance is written. It's all rather interesting. In Erkan there are many small details and surprises for you to discover, so long as you pay attention carefully. 


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