Xiaomen Whale Cave

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  • Phone:+886 6 921 6445
  • Address:Xiaomen, Xiyu Township, Penghu County 881, Taiwan View on Map
The whale cave originates from the Penghu peoples' legend. A small whale was once stranded on the shores of  Xiaomen Island. Its mother wanted to rescue it, but could only helplessly stare from a distance as the small whale was dying. In her grief, she rammed into the cliffs and committed suicide, in the process forming a whale-shaped cave. In the underground coral cave of Magong Island's Zhuwan Dayi Temple, are whale bones rumored to be those belonging to the whale of legend. In reality though, this cave was actually formed due to coastal erosion. This kind of landscape can be encountered in many areas where weathering and erosion are common. The pillar located next to the whale cave is alo formed due to coastal erosion. Despite the phenomenon of sea erosion, you can see see the ancient peoples' rich imagination at work. Many people who come to Whale Cave like to seek shade within, and the sound of the crashing waves will make an rumbling echo inside. You can also walk up to the cave top, around three stories tall, and overlook the magnificent surrounding seas. However during winter, do be careful of the large waves! 


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