Wu Chang Gong(Temple)

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  • Phone:+886 49 276 2496
  • Address:No.89, Ln. 34, Minsheng Rd., Jiji Township, Nantou County 55242, Taiwan View on Map
When you view the Wuchang Temple, located in Jiji Township, you can sense its history of calamity. Even the gods sometimes are no match for natural disasters. After the September 21st earthquake. Wuchang Temple, which was located near the epicenter, had all of its pillars destroyed and its walls collapsed. Only its roof on the ground could be seen. This sight shocked the locals. The temple still retains the remains of its ruined walls, which is classified as part of an earthquake park, along with other damaged sites. Walking around the vicinity, the bare-boned reinforcements are a reminder of the importance of earthquake-proof facilities to future generations. Something unbelievable also happened during the earthquake. It is said that the gods sent a dream to the temple head, allowing him to quickly remove the temple's golden statues. The three golden statues of the heavenly gods that stood in the main hall were unexpectedly not destroyed. Therefore a new temple was built next to the old one, to accomodate the gods and their believers. The heavenly gods here are quite mysterious, and its beard grows longer every year! The yellow signs placed in front of the statues represent the length the beard from Minguo 88 to 100. It's definitely incredible, so come here and witness this miracle for yourself!


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Nat'l Hwy 1 →Exit at the Chungqin Interchange→Chungchang Express→Prov. Hwy 14→Nat'l Hwy3→Exit at the Mingjian interchange→Prov. Hwy16→Jiji→Earthquake Museum of Taiwan
TRA Jiji Station→Minquan Rd.→Bachang Rd. turn left