Dongquan Lighthouse

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  • Address:Fuzheng Vil., Juguang Township, Lienchiang County 211, Taiwan View on Map
Surely, you must have heard of Fort San Domingo, or Hong Mao Cheng/Red-Haired Castle before. But did you know that Matsu has a White-Haired Castle? The elegant white Dongquan Lighthouse and its adjacent four foreign-styled houses were built in the Qing Dynasty, with Robert Hart of the customs and taxations department in charge of construction. Called Bai Mao Cheng, or White-Haired Castle, its value is no less than that of Hong Mao Cheng, and is a grade 2 national monument. Due to Dongju Island and Xiju Island being shaped liked dogs, Dongju was called "Dongquan" (with "quan" meaning dog). Dongquan Lighthouse is also known as Dongju Lighthouse. Dongquan Lighthouse is not only the first lighthouse to be built out of granite, but is the only one that features typhoon-proof walls. The winds at the lighthouse are quite powerful, so at the main entrance a wall was built to shelter from the winds. This way, lantern-bearers can follow the wall and enter into the lighthouse without the kerosene in the latern being blown out. Because it is located at a high location and looks down from below, it overlooks the vast rocks surrounding the neighboring seas. During days with clear weather, there's nothing more beautiful than the sight of the white tower against blue skies. In addition, this location is also a good place for viewing the sunrise at dawn and the night moon and stars. If you visit during winter, the tower may stand tall and mighty as ever, the intense northeastern monsoons may prove to be too intense for you! 


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