Zhong Ping Shopping Center

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  • Address:Zhongping Rd., Zhongli Dist., Taoyuan City 320, Taiwan View on Map
Located in the major transportation hub of Taoyuan, in front of the Chunli Train station sits the Zhong Ping Shopping Center. Just like a small Ximen, it is Taoyuan's best shopping center. Anything you want to purchase or ingest, you can find it here. Zhong Ping Street's origin stems from the Japanese colonial era's light railways. At the time it was just a cargo distribution area, but with the increase of government support on landscaping, road paving, and building of pedestrian trails, it eventually became Taoyuan's top shopping center. When you stop to visit Taoyuan, no matter where you go you'd have to pass by Chunli to catch a ride, so while waiting for your ride you could kill some time and stop by here to look around. If you happen to stay the night here, this area is also surrounded by some great bars, and you could also go for a stroll at the night market.


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Nat'l Hwy 1→Exit at the Zhongli/Xinwu Interchange→Zhongzheng Rd.→Yanping Rd→Zhongping Rd
1.Zhongli Bus no.1 to Zhongping Rd.
2.TRA Zhongli Station front exit, walk about 1 min.