Iron Fort

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  • Phone:+886 8 362 5631
  • Address:Nangan Township, Lienchiang County 20942, Taiwan View on Map
If you visit Matsu for sightseeing and ask people to rank the local attractions, then the Iron Fort surely must place in at least the top three! This is due to Iron Fort possessing a strong military history and be represents Matsu's past. Iron Fort is located on an independent rocky reef on the west coast. Back then, the miliary took rocks and carved them into underground stone chambers. Although the space is narrow, it possesses everything here, ranging from tunnels, forts, rooms, kitchens, and more. The appearance of the outer cement is covered in camoflage. Because it was an important military fort, two frogmen are stationed by it, night and day. The fort has now been rennovated and is now open for visits, but when you enter the Iron Fort's quiet and narrow spaces and let the light illuminate both sides of the white walls,  you'll start to feel the gloomy atmosphere and the tension felt back then. A quick peek outside of the fort will grant you a  view of beautiful mountain and sea scapes. To deter attacks from China, sharp glass pieces were placed on the reef corners, and there was also a wolf dog stationed in the area. Nowadays after undergoing rennovation, Iron Fort is a place where you can experience battlefield history. 


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