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  • Phone:+886 8 362 5631
  • Address:Beigan Township, Lienchiang County 210, Taiwan View on Map
Daqiu is located north of Beigan Island, adjacent to Gaodeng. In the past, troops were stationed here in addition to residents. But ever since Daqui's population shifted and withdrew, the island has remained uninhabited. The occasional sights of life you'll see on the island now are tourists from a charter boat or the lone angler. You won't see any vehicles here, and there's no constructed roads either. From time to time though, in this calm atmopshere you'll run into a cute little forest fairy: that is, sika deer that have been successfully bred and reintroduced to the hills. If you land on the island during early morning hours, the chances of running into one will be high. They may appear beside abandoned ancient temples, beside the coast, or in the woods. If you happen to be lucky, you can even come across one, face-to-face in broad daylight! Due to the government's sightseeing promotion, there are scheduled flights heading towards Daqiu in the summer. Furthermore, a round island trail has been built, so you may get a chance to see the shy deer for yourself as you take a walk. Aside from this, when the sunshine and weather is clear during the summer, you may be able to even see the Chinese mainland, located close by. 


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