Banli Beach

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  • Phone:+886 8 362 5631
  • Address:Beigan Township, Lienchiang County 210, Taiwan View on Map
Banli Beach is a rare white sand beach in Matsu, featuring a long and even coastline, and is Matsu's only seawater bathing spot. After playing in the water, you can wash yourself off in the nearby showers. Due to the sand containing quartz, when the sun changes, you can witness the sand glittering and glimmering like stars in the sky. It's also very popular with tourists due to its purity. In addition, if you walk on the path leading from the Banli farmlands to Wusha, you can reach the Wusha Beihai Tunnel. Enter the shady tunnel and listen attentively to the sound of ocean waves echoing within. The beauty of Banli Beach and its sands will let you temporary forget about Matsu's military and war history. Naturally, summer is the best time to visit Banli Beach. Because the beach is on a windward surface, during the monsoon season it receives endless ocean waves. The bed and breakfasts located near Banli Beach also provide camping tent rentals, so that you may play in the waters on the vast beach during the day and admire the moon at night. How great is that?


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