Dapu Village

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  • Phone:+886 8 362 5631
  • Address:Juguang Township, Lienchiang County 211, Taiwan View on Map
Dapu Village, connected to the Yulu Trail, still remains the same as it was in the old days. However it's much quieter when compared to the past. Matsu is located near China's Fujian province, and Dapu's old houses still maintain their traditional appearances. Large cut stone in plain colors are the basic foundation of this village. In the past, hundreds of ships would travel to and from this village, with the saying "Winter, Dapu; Summer, Fuzheng". Such a small settlement has around two or three hundred residents, and they travel everyday through the Yulu Trail. It's quite lively. Yet following the war and the population shift, most people have already long gone, with traditional buildings and landscapes remaining. The Minnan style buildings here are preserved in good condition, and are worth a visit. When you arrive at Dapu, it's as if you've traveled into the past: you can't hear the bustling streets, but the mountain and seascape views here are a great beauty. The quiet and noiseless atmosphere here is a relic of its once glorious days. 


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