Yulu Trail

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  • Address:Juguang Township, Lienchiang County 211, Taiwan View on Map
Dapu possesses over a hundred years of history, and "Yulu Trail" is otherwise known as  the "Underground Road". During difficult times in the year, the residents of two villages would head towards Dapu and Daping Fishing Port for adequate food. Matsu's winters always brings intense northeastern monsoons. The village residents would enter Yulu Trail and shelter from the chilly winds. Later when the population dwindled, this trail was no longer used. With efforts of the resident development association, the trail was rennovated to become an amazing ecological park. Nowadays, Yulu Trail boasts a different appearance through all four seasons. During September, red spider lilies will bloom here, frankincense can be found during October, and small yellow chrysanthemums dot the green grass during November. In the recent years, there's been a revival of Matsu's lilies, pear flowers, peach blossoms, cherry blossoms, and passion fruit. There's a different colort o be found every season. This is not only a sign of the ecology, but also a lasting memory of the old trail for the residents. If you visit, it's best if you bring someone more knowledgeable along with you so that you can better understand the trail. Listen to the tales of the trail; the rich ecology here won't fail you, regardless of the season! 


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