National Palace Museum

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  • Phone:+886 2 2881 2021
  • Address:No.221, Sec. 2, Zhishan Rd., Shilin Dist., Taipei City 11143, Taiwan View on Map
The National Palace Museum is located in the Shilin District, and  is built in the likeness of Chinese palaces. The museum features three floors of exhibition space, while the fourth floor is teahouse, "Sanxitang". It contains the world's largest collection of Chinese art and precious relics. Its collection is permanent, and the items mainly come from the four dynasties of Song, Yuan, Ming, and Qing, and number 650,000 pieces in total. The museum boasts a reputation as a "Chinese Cultural Treasury". There's a total of 7 language guides provided in Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish, and Korean, so that tourists are able to understand Taiwan's national treasures without a language barrier.  It also regularly organizes all sorts of academic courses on cultural and historical relics, lectures, and touring activities, and has published more than 100 publications. Palace-type relics include tools used in shamanism and Tibetan Buddhism as well as sacrificial vessels used in rites. It's an exhibit filled with religion. There's a decent small site within the area, "Zhishan Park", located to the left of the museum, featuring the concept of traditional Chinese gardens. On the right hand side of the museum, there's the "Zhide Park",  which is an open space. At the entrance, there's an unique classical arched door; the "Zhang Daqien Memorial Hall", formerly known as the Moye Residence. The entire building was personally designed by Zhang Daqien himself, in order to preserve the former residence. It faithfully reproduces his living surroundings, and also exhibits photographs and all sorts of bonsai plants. 


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Everyday 09:00-17:00

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Nat'l Hwy 1 → Yuanshan Interchange → Binjiang Street → Dazhi Bridge → Beian Rd. → Ziqiang Tunnel → Gugong Road → Sec. 2, Zhishan Rd.

Take THSR or train to Taipei Station, transfer Taipei MRT to Shilin Station, transfer Taipei City Bus(No. Red 30) to National Palace Museum stop.