Bopiliao Old Street

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  • Address:No.10, Guangzhou St., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City 10065, Taiwan View on Map
Located in Taipei's Wanhua District, Bopiliao got its name from a Qing Dynasty, Fuzhou merchant ship that transported fir and was stripped of its bark here. Early on, this area was originally developed as a coal sales district, "Tutan Market". Formerly known as Fupiliao, there exist records of stores and businesses for four years during the reign of the Jiaqing Emperor. Therefore it can be estimated that Bopiliao was already beginning to develop around the Qing Dynasty. The architectural features here include winding streets, pools for fire control, traditional glazed green tile railings, continuous archways, half-way streets, the streetside pillars, and Qing Dynasty store fronts. The Bopiliao Historical Block contains relatively intact Qing Dynasty-style streets, shops, and areas constructed during and after the Japanese era. The entire block is a trove of history. There's No. 123 Guangzhou Street, which is designated as a historical building, the residence of master Zhang Taiyan, Yongxing Pavilion, Song Xiexing Rice Store, Doctor Lu Achang's residence, Rixiang Hotel, The Sun Binding Place, Xiuying Tea Table Store, Changshouhao Tea Table Store, a Taoist altar: Weiling Altar, public baths and bathrooms and many more. Together with the surrounding Longshan Temple, there's many traditional shops and old industries such as a gold paper store, Chinese medicine pharmacy, and Buddhist shops. Located next to Laosong Elementary School, is the "Heritage and Culture Education Center of Taipei", containing a wealth of rich native culture. The movie "Monga" also filmed some scenes here. Due to the movie's marketing and it generating hype amongst audiences, a rise of tourists surged here, helping it become one of Taipei's hot scenic spots. 


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Nat'l Hwy 1 → Exit at the Taipei Interchange → Prov. Hwy 2B → Minzu W. Rd. → Expressway → Guilin Rd. → Sec. 1, Xiyuan Rd. → Guangzhou St.
Nat'l Hwy 3 → Exit at the Zhonghe Interchange → county Rd 106A → North 91 Township Road → county Rd 114 → Guangfu Bridge → Sec. 2 to 1, Xiyuan Rd. → GUangzhou St.
Take the THSR to Taipei Station, continue by MRT to Longshan Temple Station.
Take the train to Wanhua Railway Station.