Yi Xing Bridge

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  • Address:No.58, 2nd Neighborhood, Luofu, Fuxing Dist., Taoyuan City 33643, Taiwan View on Map
YiXing Bridge is located at Beiheng Road's 22.4-kilometer mark at the intersection of Roman Road. There is a walkway entrance here. After you walk down the entrance and pass through a big bamboo forest, up ahead is the YiXing Suspension Bridge where the film Warriors of the Rainbow was filmed. Before Little Wulai Road existed, this bridge was the main communication route to Lufou and the YiXing tribe. YiXing Bridge measures in at two hundred meters and the bridge surface is narrow enough to let two people squeeze by. It is about a fifty-meter drop to the Han Creek below. When traveling Beiheng Road, you could stop to find YiXing Bridge. The whole bridge is able to support up to a hundred people at a time. Along the bridge you are able to see across to where the movie Warriors of the Rainbow was filmed. If you want to know more about the Tayal people, their stories, or anything related to the movie shoot here, head across the street to Lufou Convenience Store to talk with the owner, he'll happily tell you everything he knows.   


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