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  • Phone:886 3-8781452
  • Address:No.52, Shitiping, Fengbin Township, Hualien County 977, Taiwan (R.O.C.) View on Map

Shitiping is about 2 kilometer north to Port Village in Feng-bin Township. After walking through the trail from parking lot to camping area, you will see a stretch of projecting marine abrasion landscape on the coast. Such unique landscapes as sea grooves, marine cliffs, potholes are all visible here. You can also climb up the gigantic andesite rock, covered with white tosca of volcano, to overlook the entire abrasion terrain and the open ocean.
Aside from abrasion landscape, Shitiping is also home to a diverse group of marine creatures that dwell between reefs and tidal zone, making it a popular site for snorkeling and fishing. On the 1st and 15th of every lunar month, it would be the perfect timing to take close look at the interesting ecology of tidal zone during the bog ebbing. The camping facility at Shitiping is excellent, too; it will surely be an exceptional experience to camp here and be embraced by nature all night.

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南下:由花蓮市區循台11線南下,經豐濱、石門後,即可抵達石梯坪,全程約70公里。 北上:或由台東市區沿台11線北上,經靜浦後,即可抵達石梯坪,全程約114公里。

南下:由花蓮火車站前搭往成功、靜浦或台東等地的花蓮、鼎東客運海線班車,在石梯坪下車。 北上:由台東火車站前搭往花蓮的鼎東、花蓮客運海線班車,在石梯坪下車。