Fushan Fish Habitat Reserve

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  • Phone:+886 89 38 1368
  • Address:No.2, Shanyuan,Fushan Vil., Beinan Township, Taitung County View on Map
Fushan Fish Habitat Reserve is located at Shanyuan seaside of Taitung at the southern end of Dulan Bay. It used to be called Shanyuan Beach, but not it's a safe habitat for many species of fish. Fishing is forbidden here, and therefore they're not afraid of people. Schools of fish swimming by your feet while waiting to be fed, it's an unforgettable experience. Originally Shanyuan Beach had an abundance of fish, but due to overfishing over a decade again the fish population came under threat, so in 2005 the government banned fishing in this area, so the fish population recovered slowly. The local residents who were against the ban slowly came around to join the efforts to protect the fish here by becoming a ecology guides or snorkeling instructors to help to bring awareness to this beautiful pay restoring the bay to its original beauty. When arriving here remember don't feed any human food to the fish because the fish here are designed to eat their own food seaweed steam buns. There's no oil in the steam buns, so it isn't harmful to the fish. The local stores nearby all have it in stock. If you want to snap a good photo of a giant school of fish swimming don't forget to buy some steam buns to attract them. In addition to just feeding the fish, the beach here is is also a very famous attraction. They have outdoor barbecue areas set up . It's perfect for friends and family on clear days to sit on the beach gazing at the stars with the soundtrack of the ocean in the backgrond (of course with beer). At northern end of the Beach is home to many unique tropical corals, since the ban on fishing started a large number of marine life has successfully repopulated themselves, but in the recent years many visitors have been littering, so if you see people littering please speak up to maintain the environment here.
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Take Dingdong Bus (to Dulan, chenggong, changbin), get off at Fushan Yuyenqui (Fushan Fishing Indusrial park)