Tamsui Hongshuilin Ecosystem Pavilion (Mangrove)

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  • Phone:+886 2 2808 2995
  • Address:2F., No.68, Zhongzheng E. Rd., Tamsui Dist., New Taipei City 25147, Taiwan View on Map
The Hongshuilin Ecosystem Pavilion is located at the Taipei MRT's Hongshuilin Station's second floor. The Guandu area intersects with the river flow, picking up rich nutrients from the water to give birth to a gigantic red mangrove forest. The red mangrove has long been a historically important area for birds returning from south to north to rest during the winter. There are over 30 species of fishes, shrimps and shellfishes, over 14 species of fiddler crab, and almost 200 different species of wild birds, making Hongshuilin one of the biggest natural ecology classrooms in the country. That's why the Hongshuilin Ecosystem Pavillion was established to better the public's knowledge about the Red Mangrove's ecology and environment.
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Nat'l Hwy 1 → Exit at the Taipei Interchange → Prov. Hwy 2B → Prov. Hwy 2
THSR Taipei Station (TRA Taipei Station) → MRT Hongshulin Station