Yongan Trail

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  • Address:Yongan, Shiding Dist., New Taipei City 223, Taiwan View on Map
Shiding is about 40 minutes from Taipei City District by car. This is a well-hidden secret garden in Taipei. It is up the river from Feitsui Dam, and the cecluded dense forest ensures the cleanliness of the water. Along the hill, there's tea terraces carved into the mountain, giving the visitors a spectacular view, especially the Yongan Trail. It stretches towards the lake water, next to the tea terraces, with layers of tea plants on top of the lake view, and mountains from afar granting this place a breathtaking view.
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Nat'l Hwy 5→Exit at the Shihding Interchange→county Rd 106B→county Rd 106→Township Road North 47→Prov. Hwy 9→Yongan Trail
Taipei Xindian Station→Bus G12→Jingualiao Stop→follow the sign, walk about 3.2km to Yongan Trail Entrance