Hotel de Deer

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  • Address:No.728, Nanwan Rd., Hengchun Township, Pingtung County 946, Taiwan View on Map
Taiwan's most distinctive and endemic animals include the Formosan Black Bear, sika deer, and Formosan Rock Monkey. These shy and uncommon creatures normally dwell deep within the mountains, and you'll normally not encounter them on plain grounds. However now in lively Hengchun, you can have the chance to come across sika deer! The owner of Hotel de Deer is dedicated to the breeding and conservation of sika deer. Currently, the area is home to 30 sika deer and 2 sambar deer. Because the deer here have had long-term contact with humans, they are not afraid of people at all, unlike wild deer. They are actually quite friendly, especially if you hold a bucket of grass in your hands! For an admission fee of just 150 NTD and 50 NTD for feed, you can enter and get up and close with the deer. How fascinating and charming is that? Hotel de Deer is located in downtown Hengchun, on the road towards Kenting. Its white and concise sign is quite conspicious. Hotel de Deer also providings lodging, and in some rooms, you can even see the deer park. In addition, as long as you are a guest staying the night, you won't need to pay the admission fee! 
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Nat'l Hwy 3→Exit at the Nanchou Interchange→Prov. Hwy 26→Nanwan Rd.
Take Kuokuang Bus(to Kenting)→get off at the Yuanjin Community stop