Jingtong Mining Industry Life Pavilion

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  • Phone:+886 2 2495 2749
  • Address:No.117, Jingtong St., Pingsi Dist., New Taipei City 22642, Taiwan View on Map
Located next to Jingtong Station, the formerly abandoned staff quarters for Taiwan Railway were reopened as exhibition halls after rennovation. The first floor contains a permanent museum that introduces Pingxi Township's famed sky lanterns, coal mines, railroads, waterfalls, caves, and other natural and cultural characteristics. On the second floor, relics related to the mining industry are displayed.  There are also models of the Crown Prince Chalet and mine shafts. In the past Pingxi thrived on coal mining, but gradually declined as the industry stopped. As a result, the area mines are all closed down, leaving behind considerable historical and industrial relics like Jingtong Station, coal rinsing sites, Pingxi Guest House. It's included on a 2001 list of Taiwan's top sceneries. Come travel to this place so you can better learn about its history and the local people. 
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1.Nat'l Hwy 3→Nat'l Hwy 5→石碇交流道下→Exit at the Shihding Interchange→county Rd 106→Pingci→Ciping Bridge

1.TRA Ruifeng Station →Transfer to Pingxi Line→TRA Jingtong Station
2.Taipei MRT Muzha Station→Taiwan Tourism Shuttle bus(Muzha-Pingxi/Taipei bus 795)→Jingtong old Street Stop