Taipower Exhibit Center

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  • Phone:+886 2 2498 5112~3
  • Address:No.60, Badou, Wanli Dist., New Taipei City 20741, Taiwan View on Map
Taipower Exhibit Center is located in Badouzi, of Wanli Township's Yeliu Village. Although the national method of generating electricity has progressed along with science and technology at it enters the age of nuclear energy, traditional methods of generation still exist, for instance, hydraulic power and firepower. In order to let the general public better understand the mysteries of nuclear power generation, a northern exhibit center was established, demonstrating the relationship between nuclear power and everyday life, as well as the principles and safety of generating nuclear power. As you walk into the exhibit center, you will come across a robot welcoming visitors at the entrance. Next, there's a giant model of a nuclear reactor, with light and sound effects accompanied by vivid explanations. Taking the escalator to the second floor, you'll come across life and interest areas, such as recognizing radiation and heartbeats, blood pressure surveillance, and body weight. There's even a few simply computer games that you can play by hand. Various items, like display boards, models, electric-powered demonstrative equipment and facilities, and equipment similar to battery-powered toys can be found, letting both adults and children alike learn about the topic of nuclear energy through entertainment. The center is free of charge, and professional staff are on hand to provide explanation. 
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1.Nat'l Hwy 1 →Exit at the Badu Interchange →Prov. Hwy No.2→Linghai Bridge turn left
2.Nat'l Hwy 3→Exit at the Jijin Interchange →Prov. Hwy No.2→Linghai Bridge turn left

1.Take Kuokuang bus 1815 to Jinshan, get off at Linghai bridge stop.
2.Take Keelung bus 1068, get off at Linghai bridge stop.