Juming Museum

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  • Phone:+886 2 2498 9940
  • Address:No.2, Sishihhu, Jinshan Dist., New Taipei City 20842, Taiwan View on Map
Located at New Taipei City's Jinshan District,  No.2 Xishi Lake, Juming Museum is the largest outdoor art gallery in Taiwan. The entire museum can be divided into a service center, exhibit area one, exhibit area two, sports plaza, art performance area, zhujun area, children's art center, Taiji Square, the main gallery building, and a earth plaza, as well as a cimu monument, art exchange area, science area, art hallway, and more. The building's exterior is shaped like a pyramid, and the works displayed inside are mostly wood carvings, clay figures, oil paintings, ink paintings, pastels, and multi-media collages. It also displays Master Li Jinchuan and Yang Yingfeng's works. The outdoor exhibit area showcases large-scale works, with the pieces using different materials such as stone, bronze, stainless steels, sponge, and polystyrene bronze casting. The Taiji Square is the largest of the exhibit areas, featuring a series of taichi works. The entire museum is built on a mountain, with a height of 165-185 meters above sea level, and it overlooks the Jinshan seascape. 
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Leave the Freeway3 at Wanli Exit and then turn left to Provincial Road2 to Jinshan;or take the Yangjin Road2to Jinshan and then turn left to Provincial Road2.  At the 39.7km point you will see signs leading up to the museum.

Take the Kuo-Kuang Bus、Royal Bus、Keelung Bus、Tansui Bus,Get off at Jinshan District Office and continue to the museum by taxi or catch the free museum shuttle next to the District Office.
Shuttle Van
Tue. ~ Fri.Departure from Jinshan District Office: 10:30 & 14:00
Departure from the Juming Museum: 13:40 & 17:00
Weekends & National HolidaysDeparture from Jinshan District Office: 10:30, 12:30 & 14:00
Departure from the Juming Museum: 13:40, 15:40 & 17:00