Li Tien-lu Hand Puppet Historical Museum

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  • Phone:886 02 2636 9174
  • Address:No.26, Jhihbo Rd., Sanjhih Dist., New Taipei City 25246, Taiwan View on Map
Sanzhi District of New Taipei City is home to Taiwan's first hand puppet museum. It was established to commemorate Master Li Tien-lu, in addition to preserving and passing on the culture of puppetry. The museum displays the type of puppet faces, costumes, performance instruments, scripts, and other aspects of puppetry. On the first floor, there's a large-scale performance stage featuring a puppet experience area, DIY puppet area, gift area, food and beverage area, and more. Puppetry is an early form of Taiwanese art, and has gone through a hundred years of history. It's a valuable cultural asset for the Taiwanese people, one that they are very proud of. Ever year, a national join performance of the puppet troupes is held, and from time to time, various sorts of domestic shows such as shadow plays, puppet shows, gezaixi operas and Hakka operas, are introduced and performed for audiences, so that visitors may deepen their relation with puppetry. This way, the culture of puppetry can be preserved and passed down. 
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1. Nat'l Hwy 3→Exit at the Jijin interchange→Prov. Hwy No.2→Zhongxiao St→Zhicheng St.→Jhihbo Rd.
2. Prov. Hwy 2A→county Rd 101A→county Rd 101→Zhongzheng Rd.→ Zhicheng St.→Jhihbo Rd.

Taipei MRT Danshui Station→bus 866 or 877→Jhihbo Sanzhuang stop