Sanxia History Museum

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  • Phone:+886 2 8674 3994
  • Address:No.17, Jhongshan Rd., Sansia Dist., New Taipei City 23741, Taiwan View on Map
Next to Sanxia Elementary School, Sanxia History Museum was the Sanxia Township Office during the Japanese occupation era. Back then, it was known as "Taiwan's Most Beautiful Office Building". Built since the old times, it has since been reused. It introduces the once flourishing coal mines, cloth dying, tea manufacturing, and camphor industries, as well as information on Sanxia's local historical sites, cultural relics, preservation and display of local industries, and more. Aside from the building, the back area of the cultural relic building contains an outdoor performance space, serving as a venue for small performances. Lined with trees, visitors are provided with ample shade. Located to the right is a Sanxia cultural blue dye worship. On weekeneds and holidays, there are different DIY dying activities that can be experienced. It's a popular venue for cultural, leisurely, and educuational promotion. 
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N'tl Hwy No.3→Exit at the SanYin Exchange→Sanxia

1. MRT Simen Station→take bus 701 the get of at the Sanxia Wunhua Rd.
2. MRT Jingan Station→take bus908 the get to bus908 to Sanxia.