New Taipei City Hakka Museum

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  • Phone:+886 2 2672 9996
  • Address:No.239, Long’en St., Sansia Dist., New Taipei City 23741, Taiwan View on Map
Located in Sanxia District of New Taipei City, the Hakka Museum is a newly completed Hakka park. The land this museum is built on is based on the ethnic history of the Hakka. Its facade incorporates Hakka architectural elements, including architectural features of Hakka settlements such as tulou,  long hallways,  watchtowers, and more. The area in front of the public plaza serves as a common space. Aside from experiencing Hakka childrens' games, you can enjoy occasional theater performances from time to time. There's a total of 11 exhibition areas inside the building, displaying different aspects of the Hakka peoples' lives, language, architecture, industry, art, religion, and others. Hakka cultural relics and works as well as traditional toys are also displayed. In addition to the exhibits, there's even a story house, a favorite of children. From time to time, various DIY Hakka activities will be held during holidays and weekends. The Hakka television hall provides an on-site reporting and broadcasting experience. The activities within the area are all wide and varied, and are suitable for families of any size! 
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National Highway #3 at Sanying Interchange (heading towards Yingge), Free parking available

1.THSRC Yingge Station, and transit to bus routes listed above.
2.MRT Yongning Station, Transit to Taipei Bus Route 916, 922 or 940.
3.MRT Fuzhong Station (Blue Line). Transit to Taipei Bus Route 910 or 932.
4.MRT Jingan Station (Orange Line). Transit to Taipei Bus Route 908 or 921.
5.MRT Qizhang Station (Green Line). Transit to Taipei Bus Route 941.
Ps: Please get off at En Chu Kong Hospital, then walk for about 10 minutes to the Museum.