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  • Phone:886 2 2942 5277
  • Address:No.20, Aly. 57, Ln. 399, Sec. 2, Xingnan Rd., Jhonghe Dist., New Taipei City 23566, Taiwan View on Map
Located within the common boundaries of New Taipei City's Zhonghe and Xindian Districts, Hunglodei is also known as "Nanshijiao Shan". The Nanshan Fude Temple was built by immigrants from Zhangzhou, and the temple is shaped like a furnace due to  the prominent protruding mountain tops at the temple rear's left and right sides. Therefore, this is also how it got its name (Hunglodei literally meaning "furnace or oven grounds"). The Tudigong worshipped here is particularly effective, and according to legend, the incense has been burning brighter and brighter. It's a relatively well known Tudigong temple in the north. Therefore if you are looking to seek fortune or business, you may want to pay a visit. The temple's 2 meter high Tudigong statue holds an ingot that has been repeatedly touched and rubbed by visitors to the point where it is shining. It is said that it is quite effective if you touch the ingot and sincerely pray. The temple's most famous Tudigong possesses the function of "changing small money for big money". After depositing 10 NT, take out 1 NT and save it, and eventually you'll accumulate wealth of your own. 

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Take the Zhonghe Community Bus, Tzu Chiang Junior High - Hunglodei Line, or city bus 249 or 670