The Lin Family Mansion and Garden

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  • Phone:+886 2 2965 3061
  • Address:No.9, Simen St., Banciao Dist., New Taipei City 22056, Taiwan View on Map
Located in New Taipei City's Banqiao District, the Lin Family Mansion and Garden is where the Ling Ben Yuan Family lived when in the north. After brothers Lin Guohua and Lin Guofang extended the building, the residence was divided into two parts: a garden (Lin Family Garden) and a mansion (Lin Family Residence). Currently, they are classified as class 2 historical sites. Its Jiangnan style of flower garden has become representative of old flower gardens in Taiwan. The garden's landscaping and materials all come from mainland China, including Qixianlin,  Jigushuwu, Xiangyuyi, Yuboshuixie, Fangjianzhai, Laiqingge, Gaunjialou, Dingjingtang, Rongyindachi, and Jingziting. There's many buildings and man-made landscapes to be found. Lin Ben Yuan Garden at first contained  a biyiguan, old residence, new residence, Baihua Pavilion, and garden, but new land was later planned, The new residence and Baihua Pavilion then became part of the Lin Family Residence. As of now, the old residence still retains its former appearance. The red bricks, window panes, and other decorations are quite characteristic. The swallows on the edge of the house further highlight the Lin family's social status during their time. However, the residence is still private property, so you'll need to have a specialized guide. You can head to the service desk and recieved a free timed guide. 
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1.National Freeway No.3(2nd Northern Highway): Down Chung-Ho/Banciao Interchange → Banciao Wen-Hua Rd. → Turn Right to Min-Chuan Rd. → Turn Right to Kung-Kuan Rd. →  Si-Men St.(Lin’s Garden is near.)
2.National Freeway No.1(Chung-Shan Highway): Down Wu-Ku Interchange → Provincial Highway No.2 → Turn Right to Szu-Yuan Rd. → Up Ta-Han Bridge → Turn Right to Wen-Hua Rd. → Turn Right to Min-Chuan Rd. → Turn Right to Kung-Kuan Rd. → Si-Men St.(Lin’s Garden is near.)

1.Take bus No. 307, 310, or No. 9of Sanchong Bus Service. Get off at Beimen Street
2.Take bus No. 701,702,264, or Green No9. Get off at the stop of the Ben-Yuan Lin’s Family Mansion and Garden.
3.Get off at Fujhong Station. Take Exit 3. The garden is around eight-minute walk from the MRT station.
4.Get off at Banciao Train Station. The garden is around twenty-minute walk from the train station.