Cihu Mausoleum (Hou Cihu)

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  • Phone:+886 3 388 4437
  • Address:No.1097, Sec. 1, Fuxing Rd., Daxi Dist., Taoyuan City 33559, Taiwan View on Map
Located in Taiwan's Taoyuan City, Daxi District, Hou Cihu originated on the small streams of Baishishan. It's original name was "Long Guo Mai Pi”, and served as an irrigation pond for the Taoyuan Irrigation Association. As a result of half a century of military control, entire natural ecosystems have not been destroyed or damaged. This secretive piece of land was opened soon after, where the forests and natural ecologies within have been preserved in their original state. In particular, species of Taiwan bats have made their nests in air-raid shelters, letting Hou Cihu become the greater Taiwan area's new recreational garden. In order to prevent damage, Hou Cihu requires an application to enter and visit. The maximum number of visitors per day is 600 (every session is restricted to 50 individuals).  Presently, the Hou Cihu application system is opened every day, with a date one month ahead given out for visitors to register in advance (the system is open for registration from 9 o'clock. ) One of the buildings in Hou Cihu is Chiang Kai-Shek and his son Chiang Wei-kuo's housing, the remainder of the 5 concrete buildings are all offices.  Office number 2 is currently planned as a coffee shop, office number 3 is a replicas exhibition hall, inside there is a replica restaurant, replica study, and replica bedroom. Office number 4 is currently being used as a ecological museum to showcase natural ecology, while office number 5 holds the design plans for the exhibition hall and coffee shop. A set of stairs is located near the rear of office number 1 that directly leads to the Cihu Mausoleum. Along the way, one will pass by war tunnels, filled with bats. In addition to three over-sized, protective iron doors, never-before-used-bathrooms, kitchen, electrical room, and communications equipment still remain inside the tunnels. As of now, Hou Cihu is this year's most authoritative and powerful garden. 


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Full-priced Ticket: NTD100 ; Half-priced Ticket: NTD 50, for children taller than 80 cm but below 115 cm in height, senior citizens over (include)
65 years old ; Free Admission: for children below 80 cm in height, physically disabled visitors ( need application, can application on the net also can registration on-site (you can check detail here:
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To get there, take NationalFreeway 3. After arriving at the Daxi Interchange, change to Taiwan Provincial Highway 3, connect to Taiwan Provincial Highway 4, go straight, and make a left turn when arriving at Puwei by following the road signs. Then connect with Taiwan Provincial Highway 7, go straight to Cihu Parking Lot, and walk to reach Cihu