Ruo Se Parish Church

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  • Phone:+886 5 584 2747
  • Address:No.16-1, Ln. 73, Raoping Rd., Citong Township, Yunlin County 64745, Taiwan View on Map
Ruo Se Parish Church is the first Catholic church in Yunlin County. Built during the Qingling period, it experienced many dynasties. Originally, it was a temporary missionary made out of bamboo, but later it was changed to wood. During the Japanese occupation era, it was then converted to brick. After Taiwan regained control, the church was reconstructed with cement and bricks. It was after a series of twists and turns that it finally became a Catholic church, combining aspects of both Chinese and Western cultures, as well as many types of Catholicism. In the early stages of the Japanese military's assault, many churches were destroyed. However, Ruo Se Parish Church was lucky to escape attack due to its more remote lcoation. If you come here, you'll realize that Catholicism is fully integrated with the local culture. It's not candles that are burnt in front of the Virgin Mary, but incense used by the Taiwanese people during worship at temples. You can truly see how the spirit here embraces all kinds of different cultures and customs, and integrates them. 
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Nat'l Hwy 1→Exit at the Xiluo Interchange→Prov. Hwy 1→County Rd.156→County Rd.154→Raoping Rd.