Kuqi Lake

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  • Address:No.51, Dongyuan Rd., Mudan Township, Pingtung County 945, Taiwan View on Map
With its sad yet poignant name, Kuqi in the Paiwan language means "place where the river gathers". When pronounced in Chinese, it sounds similar to the word for "weeping". It was also originally called " Dongyuan Lake". The Paiwan people were once searching for a better living environment, and discovered this lake once they crossed over the mountains. Back then, the roads were not fully complete or open yet, so a light breeze blowing over the lake surface, combined with the fragrance of wild ginger would always be enticing. A rest house is built on the shores of Kuqi Lake. Stone houses built out of pebbles, lotus ponds, trails that loop around the lake, as well as cafes, restaurants, and lodging can all be found. Before entering the area, you'll need to buy tickets first. You may also contact local bed and breakfast owners and have them arrange guided tours for you. The lake's stone houses are quite characteristic, full of Paiwan elements. It's also not a bad idea to stay here for the night. Although there is no TV, there are plenty of opportunities for you to be surrounded by wonderful nature. 
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Exit at the Jiuru Interchange→Prov. Hwy3→Prov. Hwy1→Shuidiliao →Prov. Hwy1 →Prov. Hwy26→County Rd Ping 199→Mudan Reservoir →County Rd Ping 199→Kuqi Lake