Chulu Pasture

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  • Phone:886 89-571002 .886 89-571815
  • Address:No.1, Pasture, Beinan Township, Taitung County 954, Taiwan View on Map
Chulu Pasture's milk can be found at supermarkets all throughout Taiwan. One of the reasons for its popularity is due to the ranch's opening that allows customers to understand the lives of the cows living in Taitung's mountains. The natural environment leads to them producing good quality milk. The various areas within Chulu Pasture are large; you can choose to tour on a vehicle or ride a horse around. It's a good idea to slowly take in and enjoy the sight of Chulu Pasture's scenery as well. Many activities can be experienced within: there's a large grassy area where you can move about and get some exercise, and grass is also sold so that you can feed the cattle and come into close contact with them. During fixed times, the cows will be ushered onto a stage and you can see how their milk is squeezed in addition to methods used to feed baby cows. The milk production area will display how milk is disinfected and packaged, so that you can come to realize the course of events it takes for milk to reach supermarket shelves. Located close to the milk production area is a cute animal area, featuring pigs, geese, sheep, water buffalo, and more. These docile and tame animals are located behind a fence for you to admire. If you're hungry, the area offers fresh milk products, with the most popular being fresh milk ice cream. It's a place where the entire family can visit for the entire day! 
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Prov. Hwy 9→366km→Wentai Rd.

Take Taiwan Tourism Shuttle Bus (Rift Valley Route), get off at Chulu Pasture Stop