Fuxing Tea Factory

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  • Phone:+886 3 580 6580
  • Address:No.8, Fuxing, Emei Township, Hsinchu County 315, Taiwan View on Map
Compared to most of Taiwan's old streets, Fuxing Old Street seems rather simple and quiet. On this quaint street, there's century-old building that once manufactured tea. The Fuxing Tea Factory awaits guess to arrive and sample some good tea. There's an old tree located in front of the entrance that bore witness to this building's history. Most of the materials used in the classical corridor weere imported from mainland China, demonstrating the scale of the Zeng Family tea industry. Fuxing Tea Factory displays the tools used back then to manufacture tea. Emei Township's local specialty: Dongfang Meiren tea, is the most vulnerable to tree parasites, but only manages to produce its special fruity aromas and honey taste through leafhoppers feeding on its leaves. Although the factory is no longer in operation, the factory's structure is fairly complete and intact, and accepts group tours and teaching courses. Fuxing Tea Factory consists of two floors, and when visiting you can come to recognize tea varieties from many regions in addition to understanding the position of the Emei Tea District amongst Taiwan's tea industry. It doesn't matter if you wish to have a leisurely experience either. Sit down, have some tea, and taste the history behind it
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Nat'l Hwy→Exit at the Toufen Interchange→county Rd124→Prov. Hwy 3→Sanfeng Highway(county Rd Zhu 43-2)→Fuxing Old Street
TRA Zhunan Station→take Miaoli Bus 5810 (Zhunan-Fuxing), get off at the final stop - Fuxing.