Yinong Pasture

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  • Phone:+886-3-956-7724
  • Address:No.17, Ln. 239, Changchun Rd., Dongshan Township, Yilan County 269, Taiwan (R.O.C.) View on Map
Yinong Pasture is located in Dongshan Township, of Yilan County. In the past, Dongshan's Kelin Village was filled with wild Formosan Alder, and because of these rich resources, ranches were opened up and goats raised. During that time, the goats of Kelin Village were free to graze at the grass along the road, and villagers were also allowed to freely collect goat milk anytime during the morning. In the year 2001, the ranch was converted into a recreational one. Currently, many animals are raised within the area, such as sheep, horses, rabbits, pigs, and more. To enter the ranch, there's a cleaning fee of 20 NTD per person (free admission for those under 4). When you arrive at Yinong, the biggest pleasure would be feeding the animals. However you food you feed to provided by the ranch. The price for each one is different, and you need to take care when using them as the milk bottles utilized here are made of glass. So if there are any children around, you'll need to watch out for safety. The park's animals are docile and non-aggressive, and as a result, are able to interact with humans more. During holidays and weekends, there are even some DIY courses available, for instance making handmade soaps. There's also restaurants where you may enjoy meals. The duck eggs are collected fresh daily, and a single one costs 15 NTD. So if you have the chance to visit, be sure to try one! 


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Everyday 09:00-18:00

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