Jingtong Old Street

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  • Address:Jingtong St., Pingxi Dist., New Taipei City 226, Taiwan (R.O.C.) View on Map
Jingtong Old Street is located within New Taipei City's Pingxi District. Jingtong Station is the terminal station of the Pingxi Railway Line. The stations of the TRS Pingxi Line are: Sandiaoling Station, Dahua Station, Shifen Station, Wanggu Station, Lingjiao Station, Pingxi Station, and Jingtong Station. It was built during the Japanese occupation era in Taiwan, and was called " Jingtongkeng Ginza" due to the prospering mining industry. After Shidi Coal Mine shut down, Jingtong Old Street rapidly declined. There's a special building located opposite of the platform at Jingtong Station: it's Taiwan's longest coal depository. Trains will pass by underneath to recieve coal, before going off. Following the edge of the railroad track, you can see wish-making bamboo pipes hung up everywhere. The old street is brimming with nostalgia, and contains many shops selling snacks. Nearby attractions include the Railway Story House, Coal Memorial Park, Lover's Bridge, Japanese-style dormitories, Hokkaido B&B, Pingxi Dispatch Station (Lantern Police Station), and  Jingtong Coal Museum, as well as the chance to experience sky lanterns and wishing bamboo. Well known snacks consist of Taiwanese chicken rolls, especially those from the Yang Family stall, and many more. 


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