Xiaowulai Waterfall Scenic Area

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  • Address:No.4-6, Xiayunei, Fuxing Dist., Taoyuan City 33643, Taiwan View on Map
Located in Taoyuan City's flourishing Fuxing District, Wulai in the native Atayal language represents “warm spring water.” XiaoWulai ’s waterfalls are divided into three sections. However the most spectacular part is the middle section, with it being a “hanging valley” type waterfall. The river water at the top of the valley starts as narrow as an alley, before quickly meeting a fault, taking the shape of a precipice. From the left hand side, the river water suddenly drops through a gap and down 50 meters into the deep natural ponds below.  A four-story tall waterfall is located next to the waterfall scenic area for tourists to enjoy. Every year from May to June, as well as November to February of next year is the bird watching season. The XiaoWulai  Scenic Area has three major attractions within: the “XiaoWulai  Waterfall”, the “Wind Stone” and the “Dragon-Phoenix Waterfall”. The Wind Stone is located on top of the XiaoWulai  Waterfall cliff’s riverbank slope. The stone is five meters high and weighs about 20 tons. Standing on the riverbank however, the bottom is only barely 0.5 square meters. Yet despite this, it is still able to support the entire stone ; forming a spectacular sight. The giant stone is slanted above the riverbed and is mostly suspended in midair, and looks as if it could easily collapse. When entering the area, one can feel the swaying and blowing of the wind. As a result of the area being named “Wind Stone”, in topography it became known as the “Equilibrium Stone”. From the Wind Stone, crossing the “Yunei Bridge”will lead to the entrance of the forest trail, near the Dragon-Phoenix Waterfall.  Two famous river-crossing bridges are located here: the “Fuxing Bridge”and the “ Luofu Bridge", both serving as wonderful scenery for the northern highway. Fuxing Bridge is situated next to a great number of restaurants and cafes, and is also Northern Taiwan's most well known bungee jumping location.


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Take National Highway No.3, get off at Dasi Interchange (forward Dasi, Fusing), then take County Highway #7, turn left when passing Xie Yun Bridge to be there.
Take Taoyuan motor bus #5105 in Dasi and get off at Xio Wulai station.