Hehuanshan National Forest Recreation Area

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  • Phone:+886 49 280 3985
  • Address:Ren’ai Township, Nantou County 546, Taiwan (R.O.C.) View on Map
Hehuanshan is located at the common boundary of Hualien County's Xiulin Township and Nantou County's Renai Township. It's 3,180 meters above sea level and is surrounded by seven mountain peaks to its periphery, collectively called "Hehuan Peaks". It's also one of Taiwan's Baiyue, and was orginally aborigine hunting grounds. Hehuanshan boasts distinctive alpine landscapes, mountain ranges, snow scenery, hiking trails, sea of clouds, sunrise and sunset views, birdwatching, alpine flowers and plants, and more. There's a variety of topography here and it experiences abundant rainfall. The many kinds of alpine flowers and plants include fir, bamboo, Chinese hemlock, red azaleas, and more, as well as vinaceous rosefinch, snowy grass lizards, red and white giant flying squirrels,  and other animals. Hehuanshan is beautiful and fascinating all year round. In the springtime, there's indian azaleas and red azaleas, while during the summer there's lilies, Japanese knotweed, goldenrods, Taiwan Edelweiss, wild lilies, and mountain azaleas. Autumn brings wolf's bane and dianthus, while the cold airs of winter and plentiful water vapor and low temperature bring snow. With everything covered in silvery-white, its known as a "snowy county". It's the best spot in all of Taiwan ti enjoy winter snow. However you'll need to observe local road conditions and regulations before coming to admire the snow. Hehuanshan is steep and features peaks and valleys, making it an optimal area for mountaineering activities. If you are interesting in mountaineering, be sure to apply for an entrance permit beforehand, as well as familiarizing yourself with the dangers of hiking and outdoor acitivities. Pay attention to your own physical health, to prevent occurences of altitude sickness. The area contains a Hehuanshan Visitor's Center and Songxue Tower, which provide lodging and ecology explanations. A Hehuanshan Management Station is established near Taroko Gorge National Park, containing exhibits, public toilets, and vendor areas. Aside from exhibiting alpine ecology, visitors can also watch a film to deepen their appreciation. There's even specialized staff on hand that'll provide you with travel information on Hehuanshan and explanation services.  


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1. 從埔里台14省道到霧社,走台14甲省道至合歡山。或由花蓮太魯閣走台8省道至大禹嶺轉台14甲省道至合歡山。
2. 台14甲省道為中部通往花蓮要道,假日容易塞車。