Sino-French War Memorial Park

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  • Address:Ershawan Zhongzheng Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Keelung City, Taiwan (R.O.C.) View on Map
The Sino-French War Memorial Park is located at the intersection of Zhongzheng Road and Donghai Street. The park contains a French cemetery and graves of public heroes. 6 monuments in total are incorporated, as well as four tombs. The tombstones are made out of granite and sandstone, and the totems above are mostly crosses and circular shapes. You can see traces of erosion left on the ones made out of sandstone. The other tombstones and monuments are all important cultural relics. In jurisdiction of the French in Taiwan, the park was handed over to the Keelung city government and listed as a city-wide historic monument. The Sino-French war took place between December of 1883 and April of 1885, and was a conflict between the Qing Dynasty and France over Vietnam. The French Navy admiral , Amedee Courbet, managed to defeat China's two fleets while commanding the Far East Squadron, and successfully obtained control over the Taiwan Strait as a result.  Furthermore, Keelung and Penghu were occupied. When Courbet attacked Keelung, Taiwan's first governor, Liu Mingchuan resisted with the masses and spent 8 months fighting back against the French army. However, both sides suffered many casualties. So in order to memorialize those who gave their lives during the war, a cemetery was built. This is the Sino-French War Memorial Park. 


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Take Keelung buses 101, 103, 104, or 105 to Haimen Tianxian or Bus Depot bus stop and walk from there uphill.