Keelung Harbor

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  • Address:Jhong 1st Rd., Ren’ai Dist., Keelung City, Taiwan (R.O.C.) View on Map
Keelung Harbor is located on Zhongyi Road of Ren'ai District, and in the past it was also called "Keelung Bay". The port area totals 572 hectares, and is one of Taiwan's four international commericial harbors in addition to being an important shipping hub in the north. During the Qing Dynasty, Keelnug Harbor was gradually being developed. Taiwan governor Liu Mingchuan executed the planning and development of the harbor. Later during the Japanese occupation era, it was used as one of the Japanese Navy's naval bases. Hwever during World War II, it became a main airstrike target for US Army, due to it being both a base for the Japanese Navy and a major supply harbor. The port facilities suffered disastrous damage. It took four years from the Japanese era until Taiwan's liberation to repair, salvage, and restore the piers. The work was exhaustive and demanding, resulting in the deaths of many workers. Later during the era of container shipping, a new container base was built. in 1980, Keelung Harbor began to transform itself into a port combining both tourism and hydrophicility. In 2003, it also established a free trade port area in order to promoite its competitiveness. 
Keelung Harbor is a port constructed using natural valley landforms. It features 57 piers and one entrance channel, among which there are  15 container piers, 24 grocery piers, 2 passenger piers, and 16 other miscellaneous ports, which are divided into commercial, military, and fishery usage. The military ports are located at Keelung Harbor's west and east coasts. The fishing piers are located north of Dashawan, adjacent to Heping Island and Bachimen. It is also known as "Zhengbin Fishing Port", and is an important base for offshore fishing. Keelung Harbor is home to many vessels, such as port vessels, engineering vessels, warships, 60,000 ton cargo ships, 160,000 ton luxury cruise ships, and more. 



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Public transportaion
Nat'l Hwy 1 →Exit at  Keelung Interchange → Xiao 2nd Rd. → Jhong 1st Rd. → Keelung Harbor (Navigation Mansion)

Take the train to TRA Keelung Station.