Dianji Temple

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  • Phone:+886 02 2425 2605
  • Address:No.27-2, Ren 3rd Rd., Ren’ai Dist., Keelung City 200, Taiwan (R.O.C.) View on Map
Dianji Temple is located in Keelung City's Ren'ai District, on No.27-2, Rensan Road.  It was built during the Tongzhi Era of the Qing Dynasty. It is also known as "Shenwang Temple", "Shengong Temple", "Shenwanggong Temple", and other similar names. It's the temple that everyone mentions when talking about Miaokou's temple, and worships Kaizhang Shenwang. Along with Keelung's Cheng Huang Temple and Qing'an Temple, they are known as Keelung's three major temples. In 1884, the Sino-French War took place and Dianji Temple was used as a military stronghold and arsenal. However due to negligence by the Qing soldiers, many bombings occured and caused much damage. After rebuilding it, Qingning Temple, which worshipped the Shuixian Wang (Dukes of Water), was separated from Dianji Temple only by an alley. During the Second World War, Allied forces bombed Keelung and Dianji Temple suffered damage, and the two were merged. It was after 1957 that it was gradually restored to its appearance today. The first floor is dedicated to to Shuixian Wang, the second floor is dedicated to Marshal Tian Du, and the third floor is dedicated to the Jade Emperor. In the middle of the temple, stone pillars from the Qing Dynasty's Tongzhi Era are still preserved, as well as ancient monuments. The temple possesses a history of more than 100 years, yet still maintains a simple but solemn and dignified appearance. It's decorated with beams and statues, and its most distinctive characteristic is its Minnan style of architecture. 
The gods and deities worshipped here include Kaizhang Shenwang, Jade Emperor, Saintly Mother of Heaven, Marshal Tian Du, Shuixian Wang, Chunyang Zushi, Guan Yu, Emperor Wenchang, Fude Zhengshen, Tai Sui, the god of wealth, and more. Kaizhang Shenwang, during the Tang Dynasty, was a general known by the name of Chen Yuanguang who cleared the land to develop Zhangzhou. On the behalf of his father, he led an army to arms, enlightening the common people along the way. After his death, he was granted the title of "Kaizhang Shenwang". The people of Zhangzhou built a temple in his honor. Every year during the day of offering sacrifices to the gods, a parading event will occur, welcoming the gods. Dianji Temple on this day will hold opera performances and pray for good weather.



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Public transportation
From Keelung train station, go straight on Zhong 1st Rd; turn right on Ai 4th Rd, and get there, which is about 10 minutes. Visitors may also take various bus lines which run circular and get off at the 2nd Hsin Stop.