Fairy Cave

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  • Phone:+886-2-24287664
  • Address:Ren’an St., Zhongshan Dist., Keelung City 203, Taiwan (R.O.C.) View on Map
Fairy Cave can be found on Ren'an Street, of Keelung's Zhongshan District. It's a natural cave formed due to the result of coastal erosion. The area near Fairy Cave was an important military stronghold during the Qing Dynasty. Around 80 meters in depth, legend has it that a Daoist immortal practiced Daoism here. The cave's stone stele has the inscription "Xian Dong" carved onto it, and the cave interior is mostly divided into the main cave, right-hand cave, and left-hand cave. The scenery provided here is different, and the history is rich. The main cave is home to Guanyin, and many ancient statues of gods and Buddhas are left on the stone walls by Qing Dynasty ancestors. The right-hand side is a small passage, and isn't easy to pass through, so you can stand at the entrance and pay your respects to Buddha and the Bodhisattva left behind from the Japanese period. The left-hand cave is also quite narrow and hard to pass. It'll take much time and you'll have to crouch in order to make it through. The lighting within is poor, so be sure to pay attention to your own safety when walking around. When the road becomes wider, you can see the famous "line of the sky". Outside of Fairy Cave, there's stone staircases that lead to the cave park. Along the way, there's several stone seatings provides so that you can sit and rest for a while. In Fairy Cave Park, there's a viewing pavilion. You can see shipping boats at work at Keelung Outer Harbor. Baimiweng is situated on the nearby mountaintops, and the Buddha's Hand Cave is also within vicinity as well, solemn and majestic. 


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Everyday 09:00-17:00

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Public transportaion
Take Keelung buses 301, 302 or 304 to Xiandongyan bus stop and walk to the cave.