Gongzi Liao Fort

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  • Address:Xinyi Dist., Keelung City 201, Taiwan (R.O.C.) View on Map
Gongzi Liao Fort is located at the junction of Keelung's Xinyi District and Zhongzheng District. It covers an area of nearly 5 hectares. In the Ketagalan language, "gongzi" refers to pitfalls. "Liao" was later added on by the Han people, with it meaning "place where people dwell". In 1904, the fort was completed. Back then, forts already existed during the Qing Dynasty. During the Japanese occupation period, fortifications were rebuilt to strengthen the military's defense at Keelung Harbor. Nowadays, it is a national level monument. 
Gongzi Liao Fort is currently the largest and most intact fort in Keelung. Its site is well-preserved. Featuring guard posts, stable, communion hall, pillbox, and other facilities, its scope is vast. There are three levels of allocations for Gongzi Liao Fort, the lowest level being the military camp area, then the camp door, and finally camp residence. The middle section consists of barracks, amunnition depots, tunnels, ladders, offices, command posts, and activity centers leading to the fortification area. The top area is where the cannons are. The field of vision to the right is Keelung's fifth phase rezone area, while to the left there's the fully-preserved cannon area. In total, there are 6 high-explosive shell cannons arranged in a row. The cannon area incorporates a 360 degree track, so that the cannons can be fired from any position or angle. There's also communication holes so that information can be transmitted; furthermore, there's four ammunition depots, water storage sites, command platforms, and other buildings. Barracks are located below, near the mountain cliffs. The observation area mainly contains observation facilities, auxiliary observation facilities, correspondence warehouse, machine guns, searchlight warehouse, and lamp bases. Walk up the stone steps from the right side of the fort, and enjoy a panoramic view of Keelung Islet and Badouzi Fishing Port. This is one location teeming with historical heritage. 



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Public transportation: 
Take Keelung buses 103 or 104 to Erxin Junior High School bus stop; walk 1 km to Cixi Temple and turn left go reach the fort. 
Take Keelung buses 203 or 204 to Daxianggang Community bus stop; from there, it is 20 min. by foot.