Fangyu Farm

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  • Phone:+886 02 2456 3975
  • Address:No.51, Dacheng St., Qidu Dist., Keelung City 206, Taiwan (R.O.C.) View on Map
Fangyu Farm is located at Keelung City's Qidu District, No.51 Dacheng Street. In past, it raised free-range chickens, but nowadays it has been transformed into a leisure garden and restaurant, growing many varieties of organic fruits and vegetables. The restaurant is ecology and eviromental-protection themed, and features pool landscapes, abundant ferns, medicinal plants, and organic garden. The sweet nectar garden's most distinctive characteristic is honeysuckle, but also contains honey, yam, health foods, and other related products. Not only are there plants, but during the springtime there's tadpoles, and fireflies from June until July, and from time to time, wild ginger and vanilla can be experienced. Chicken egg collecting takes place starting August until September. This farm is a comprehensive ecological and leisure site. The eggs and chickens used in the restaurant's cuisine are all personally cultivated. The free-range chickens are raised on a diet of five crop grains, and their meat quality is crisp and chewy. There's also some dishes made using wild herbs, such as sage, basil, and wild ginger. Other products include home-grown yams, yam ice cream, and glutinous yam rice balls, all of which are part of Qidu District's specialty produce. They'll change according to the season. Some of the restaurant's signature dishes are white-cut chicken, noodles, ginseng leaves, tea oil chicken, Buddha's Hand soup, herb chicken, salted pork, stir-fried wild ginger, medicinal herb jelly, pumpkin rice ball dessert, and much, much more! 


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Tuesday to Sunday 11:00-20:30

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Public transportation: 
Take Keelung bus 701 to Manan Borough/Gentleman Duck Villa bus stop; after crossing the bridge, it's 10 minutes by foot.